Virgin Lands of India – Spiti

by Kartik Wat

Virgin Land of India - Spiti

The Spiti Valley is a cold desert mountain valley located high(12500 feet) in the Himalaya Mountains in the north- eastern part of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

The name “Spiti” measn “The Middle Land”, which is the land between Tibet and India.

“A World within World”, from the snowcapped peaks to the scenic villages tacked away in the lap of Himalays, it’s ancient monestries, inimitable wildlife and of course a captivating culture and delicious cuisine. Spiti Valley has something for everyone.

Separated from fertile Lahaul by the soaring 4551m Kunzum La, the trans-Himalayan region of Spiti is another chunk of Tibet marooned in India. The scattered villages in this serrated moonscape arrive like mirages, clusters of whitewashed mud- brick homes huddled amid green barley fields below monasteries perched on crags a thousand feet above. The turquoise-grey ribbon of the Spiti River is your near constant companion, running along a fairly broad valley before turning south at Sumdo into the precipitous gorges of the Hangrang Valley.